May 19, 2022 2 min read

Whether you’re itching to try Indian food for the first time or are well versed in the kaleidoscope of Indian cuisine, there are endless options available in the US. You might find tens of Indian restaurants while walking down the lanes, packed with exquisite flavors and colors. But how do you feel about authentic Indian home-style meals at your doorstep?

This is the magic we create with our professional Indian culinary artists. Let’s tell you how we do it!

Homestyle Vs. Restaurant Made Food

We often find ourselves consuming restaurant made meals on a regular basis and that satisfies our cravings for Indian food. Why homestyle food, then?

While both styles of cooking are based on Indian cuisine, homestyle cooking is healthier, and well, delicious. Restaurant food typically contains artificial flavors, high amounts of sodium, saturated fat, and overall calories than homestyle meals. Apart from that, the real taste of Indian cuisine doesn’t shine through with the same bases used across most curries.

To the contrary, Indian tiffin service meals are made of authentic spices and fresh ingredients. The dishes are prepared without any preservatives or additional flavoring- nothing except pure goodness.

Home-Style Meals at Home?

Yes, you got that right! We deliver home cooked Indian food at your doorsteps. With Sukhmani Foods, you can subscribe to our online tiffin service. Log in to your account, place your order and get your meal delivered to you at your convenience.

Our team of professional Indian chefs, headed by Simmi, have been serving packages of magic to hundreds of customers across the US, every day. Our menu changes weekly consisting of north Indian cuisine to diversify your taste pallet and tickle your nostalgia.

We ensure the highest quality of ingredients with FDA approved packaging to please your taste buds and keep you healthy. All of this with the mind-blowing home-like tasting food is just what you need to complete your day!

Packaging Process

Wondering how we get fresh food to you on a daily? We’ll let out our little secret!

Once you place your tiffin order at Sukhmani Foods, we prepare fresh food out of locally sourced ingredients and pack them in insulated boxes. We then go ahead and deliver your order the very same day. To ensure freshness all through the day, we let the dish cool off before packaging it in our meal pouches.

We also offer best Indian tiffin food to our neighbouring towns. For local deliveries, we use reusable containers. For shipping, we use FDA-approved recycled, reusable meal pouches that keep your food fresh for longer.

Best part? When refrigerated, the food can last for 7 to 8 days!


Order Now!

With a package filled with melt-in-your-mouth food and a party of flavors, our homestyle meals are the best to conclude your day. Sign up on Sukhmani Foods and get the daily dose of Indian goodness at home!

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