May 25, 2023 3 min read

Indian food holds a special place in everyone’s heart. But what if you are not in the country and craving some authentic Indian meal? Living abroad and enjoying sabzi, roti, and chawal isn’t easy. So, today many restaurants have come up with the idea of serving meals full of flavors that aren’t even too expensive. But having so many options can also be quite confusing. Which restaurant would provide the most authentic food? Which outlet will deliver on time without compromising the flavors? Amidst the choices, how can you select the right Indian home-cooked food delivery? Let’s browse through some tips for finding the best homemade food delivery service.

aloo bhindi sabzi

Tips to Select the Home-cooked Indian Food Delivery

In this section, we will discuss about the ways to decide the best Indian food order online outlet:


The first and the most important aspect is the food items available at the outlet. Check out the unique options and bring you closer to the feeling of home. Let’s face it, you do not want to try “blanched broccoli” when you are craving Indian cuisine. The best dishes are aloo, bhindi, gobhi, paneer, and more. So, explore the menu thoroughly and see if you’d find your heart’s desire. Apart from providing options, the meals should also be well-balanced and nutritious.

Cost of Every Meal

When you are planning to book a homemade Indian food plan for every day, you have to keep a check on the cost as well. Having an expensive lunch regularly can burn a hole in your pocket. While deciding upon the best delivery service, you have to consider its pricing. Although there are many places that might offer affordable Indian tiffin service menu options, you have to keep other factors in mind as well!


If you are getting food delivered to the doorstep, it is important to have a look at the packaging. Is it sent securely so that there are no leaks or drips? Are they using plastic or paper packing? Every little thing matters and they would help ensure whether the food will arrive in the right manner or not. The best home-cooked Indian food delivery would always take care of how its customers are receiving the meals.

Delivery Time

delivery time

This is the era of 20-minute delivery. Everyone wants that their meal reaches them on time so that they don’t have to stay hungry for long hours. The efficiency of a food service highly depends on the time it takes to dispatch your meal and whether it arrives on time or not. If your lunchtime is 1 p.m. and your meal is reaching around 3 p.m. then the purpose is left unserved. So, keep this in mind before finalizing your meal partner.

Customer Service and Feedback

Today’s digital advancement has simplified things for everyone. If you want to know about a brand's products or services, you can simply research what the other customers have to say. Before selecting a food delivery service for your Indian cravings, make sure that you go through the feedback and reviews left by other customers. This would help you determine if the service you want to opt for is worth your time or not. Don’t hurry and make the decision wisely!

User Interface Simplicity

Food rings an alarm bell in our systems! As soon as we feel hungry, we want to munch meals and not wonder about other things. If you are trying to place an online food order then you don’t want to stop and go through a lot of steps. All you want is to select the meal you want to eat today, add it to the cart, and pay. The best food delivery service always keeps it simple for the customers. They do not over-complicate things otherwise that would lead to losing customers.

Flavor Consistency

Various food joints start ignoring their flavor consistency once they get recognition. This can instantly lead to disappointment. If you are placing an order with an online food delivery partner, make sure that the place doesn’t compromise and believes in serving the best dishes. This would keep you hooked and turn you into a permanent customer.

Wrapping Up

bajra methi thepla

If you are searching for homemade meals away from home, then there are several factors to consider before making a decision. Quality, price, packaging, and location matter a lot. So, make sure that you do thorough research before finalizing a delivery partner. After all, having a home-like moong dal should be a pleasure and never a disappointment. Sukhmani Foods in New Jersey is a stop that caters to all your Indian meal cravings with a single order. You can even select from a weekly homemade Indian food plan to enjoy authentic flavors every day.