Craving for Authentic Homemade Indian Food?

March 24, 2021 3 min read

Indian Tiffin Services
for All Your Indian Food Cravings!


When you live away from home, the real happiness comes from homemade Indian food, and absolutely nothing can beat its warmth, love, and care!


Living away from home, you must have resorted to nibbling on junk food and the fancy dishes you find at restaurants. But who can live on restaurant food for so long? It will end up burning a hole in your pocket and affect your health.

No matter how long you have lived in the United States, even if you were born and raised here, you must be looking for a way to get your hands on authentic Indian meals. There are Indian restaurants at every corner, but none of them offers typical homemade Indian food. Meanwhile, Sukhmani Foods’ Tiffin Services delicious, aromatic, and savory Indian dishes will definitely take you back to India. Homemade Indian food recipes  are healthy and rich in taste, especially their curries that are full of minerals and vitamins. It’s impossible to resist these flavorful dishes, isn’t it?

We have a Solution for You!

Living abroad in the states with no family support, fast-paced life, and hectic working hours leaves no room for cooking, making you miss your mother’s hand-cooked food. Thus, for all those people in the United States struggling to find healthy, rich, authentic, and mouth-watering Indian food, there may be various Indian tiffin services you can opt for. However, aspiring entrepreneur Simmi Malik's dream start-up offers you the best homemade Indian food you will find in the USA, which can easily satisfy your cravings with her famous Indian dishes. If you wish to have authentic, healthy vegetarian Indian food that reminds you of India, Sukhmani Foods is your go-to place.



If you are an expat or a student searching for vegetarian tiffin delivery options near you, then you can easily find them in Sukhmani Food's menu. If you think they are small-scale and you won’t be able to devour their services, you are wrong! They deliver across 20 states in the United States, so you can easily get a hold of their home-cooked Indian food in any of these states.

Most of the tiffin services you find have a set meal plan for all their customers. However, if you want the freedom to choose your own? At Sukhmani Foods, you get to choose your weekly meal plan, and if you want, you can even place a one-time order full of delightful Indian food. Moreover, they also prioritize the health of their customers; thereby, they use less salt and oil in all their dishes.

Furthermore, they use locally sourced produce and authentic Indian spices, so you know you are getting the whole homemade experience. Sukhmani Foods changes its menu every Tuesday, so you have a new meal plan and different variety to enjoy every week. Also, you have the option of customizing your order based on your preferences too. And the best thing? You do not have to worry about any chemicals or preservatives in your meals, as Sukhmani's is entirely organic and against using them.

If you are worried about how fresh the food will be, you should not. They use top-of-the-line packaging, including insulation liners and ice gel packs in the boxes, so all meals are refrigerated and fresh when in transit.

Moreover, they are punctual with their deliveries and send out the whole week’s meal at once for your convenience. So, it does not matter if you are an Indian or an American; you can easily enjoy Sukhmani’s genuine Indian dishes in the comfort of your home.


What are you waiting for? Visit easy to use  Sukhmani’s Website now to see the delicious food we have to offer! If you are a first-time buyer, you can use our special coupon code WELCOME10 to get a 10% discount on your first order. Sukhmani Foods is here to help cater to your Indian food cravings.