July 29, 2021 2 min read

12:30 pm - Lunch Break!

Every day, when it comes to lunchtime, you keep on remembering your school days – how you used to open your tiffin box and eat food made by your Mummy! 


After coming to the USA, you may have spent several days missing the taste and flavors of homemade food cooked by your Maa or someone from your family.

Let’s face it – home-cooked food is just like money; we would never understand its value until we lose it.

Of course, you have abundant options for food in abroad. The USA is an amalgamation of all races, ethnicities and cultures. So, you have plenty of food choices for eating out. However, the chances are that several health issues may occur when you start eating ‘out of the home’, specifically fast food or junk food.

On the other hand, we understand the problems of everyday cooking at home, especially for students, office employees, bachelors and those who are far from their families. Above all, even after putting in your best effort, you may start missing that particular taste of home-cooked food –

‘Maa ke haath ka khana’!
Fret not! Now, you have an outstanding solution for homemade food while away from home. Yes, we’re talking about homemade tiffin services. Nowadays, these professional tiffin services have gained a lot of momentum worldwide. They act like a savior for students, working professionals who stay away from home.
Here comes the very obvious question – “how far are the foods from these tiffin services healthy?”
The answer is NO and YES!

You may find a lot of options providing tiffin services in your surroundings. Some of them may deliver food from any restaurant. There is a big NO for those tiffin delivery services.

Instead, you should go for the homemade tiffin service in the USA as they provide authentic homemade Indian food that won’t cause any health hazards.

Let’s look at the key reasons how these Indian tiffin services can solve your problem of homemade Indian food –

  • Homemade, super nutritious food:

You’ll get the ultimate opportunity of homemade, nutritious food with MOM’S MAGIC, which is good for your body.
  • No wasting time in cooking, grocery shopping:

You don’t have to take the burden of grocery shopping, menu preparation and most importantly, cook. Rather, you can utilize your valuable time focusing on your work, study, recreations and other activities.
  • No washing of dishes and utensils:

We understand the pain of washing dishes and utensils, even if you may use a dishwasher. Opting for these tiffin services will help you ditch this washing part.
  • Homemade tiffin service at affordable costs:

Believe us, the costs of these homemade foods don’t burn your pockets. Most of their regular food items are delicious as well as cost-effective.
  • Fixed eating schedule:

Every day, your food – be it lunch or dinner – will be delivered at a fixed time as per your convenience, which will help you to lead a healthy life.


Try something new! Start searching ‘homemade tiffin service in the USA’! Just imagine – Lunchtime and you are opening your lunch box. And, you get the same aroma, the same flavors and the same taste of your Desi food, delivered by your home-style Indian tiffin service provider!