September 09, 2021 2 min read

The hostel life is exciting, but everyone misses one thing: home-cooked meals, especially if you’re from India! Nothing can beat the authenticity, the rich flavours and warmth of Indian food. From starters to desserts – the variety of Indian dishes are innumerable. Here we’ve compiled a few authentic Indian dishes that you should definitely try if you’re missing
Maa Ka Haath Ka Khana:

Kadai Paneer

A finger-licking Indian food that goes well with both Chapattis and any Rice dish! Made with Indian Cottage Cheese, Kadai Paneer is literally that dish
‘Jo Apko Apki Maa Ki Yaad Dilade.’ 
The soft and juicy paneer cubes marinated with fresh ground Indian spices and bell peppers are a delight to eat. The simple yet amazingly flavourful paneer dish is perfect for both lunch and dinner.

Chana Masala

Have guests coming over? What could be a better idea than to treat them with this delicious side dish? Well, the versatile dish pairs well with hot phulkas, naan or chapatis, basmati rice and even pav buns. The flavourful Indian curry is made by cooking chickpeas in a delicious, spicy tomato masala gravy. Relish this dish by ordering Sukhmani’s weekly meals from the comfort of your home!

Nutrela Aloo Curry

Wondering where to get the best home-style Indian Nutrela Aloo Curry? The very tasty gluten-free and vegan Indian curry recipe, made with potatoes and soya chunks, is available in Sukhmani Food’s weekly meal plan. Savour this Indian dish with pulao, ghee rice, naan and other Indian breads.

Baigan Aloo

With fresh yet contrasting flavours, this lip-smacking spicy Aloo Baigan is the side dish that goes well with rice and flatbreads. Made with eggplant and potato, this semi-dry vegetable dish is an effortless option for weekday meals. Try this authentic Indian dish that usually features eggplant by ordering Sukhmani’s homemade tiffin service in USA.


Who can say no to a sweet treat?

And Rasmalai – the perfect Indian sweet delicacy that just melts in your mouth. This smooth and luscious dessert, made with milk, vinegar, saffron, and sugar, is the perfect way to cap off a lavish feast. Craving for some? To satiate your sweet tooth, visit the website of Sukhmani Foods and choose their meal plan that has Rasmalai in it.

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